Welcome to Life in my Shoes. We hope that the tools and lessons provided in this resource will be the starting point to an exciting process that results in a more informed, empathic classroom filled with students who better understand HIV and do not act with hostility, prejudice, or stigma towards people living with HIV.

This film resource consists of a central film; ‘Undefeated’ and a comprehensive set of activities associated with the film that can be used either independently or as a learning journey through 5 distinct stages. It uses the real life experiences of a young person living with HIV to highlight the challenges of people living with invisible differences and stigma.

The goal of this resource is to create conversation, provide experiences and give young people the tools to bring empathy and understanding into their everyday lives.

On the following pages you will find a range of media resources and lesson plans to actively engage and inspire people to better understand life in each others’ shoes, build empathy and end stigma.