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There is one thing we all share, we are all different.
Life in my Shoes celebrates difference by seeing life from other people’s perspectives.

Share what life is like in your shoes. Think back to a time when you felt different and tell us how this had an impact on you growing up.

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No stigma <3

Anonymous, Uk

My best shoes

Heron, 26, São Paulo – Brasil

I have been living with HIV for 29 years now, and am doing great. Wishing you all a life full of love.

Peer, 56, Copenhagen, Denmark

everytime i saw a big dog or a bad boys coming to me or whatever it is..i always take off my shoes and run

Rackiel, 20, Philippines

I’m too young to be stressed older of all power frightens me.

Mattie, 17, Liverpool, England
2012-04-21 17.33.09

Knowing that even if there is a serious apocalypse happen, I can’t depend on my family . They were never there..

Bea, 21, Singapore

Love the site

Dave, 34, Basset
LIMS 002

I have cerebral palsy. I thought when I left school the bullying would stop. It hasn’t.

Anna, 37, Cornwall

Life for me changed when I adopted an HIV+ orphan from a country in southern Africa. He deserved to have a chance.

Peter, 45, United Kingdom

Life in my shoes… I know won’t be blue.

Anonymous, Usa

Life in our shoes is about advocating for the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS!

Anonymous, Usa

A 14 year old girl should not have to lose a parent to a curable disease: Life in my Shoes.

Anonymous, USA

When I first came to the US , I felt uncomfortable and lost.

Anonymous, USA

Coming to the U.S. had an impact on my life, forced to start a new life, but time passed , now I am grateful to be here.

Anonymous, Usa

When I left home to attend college, but now I need diversity.

Anonymous, Usa

Moving to the US from Brazil , not knowing English, I felt alone but it got better!

Anonymous, Usa

There is HOPE in view , Let LOVE & RESPECT flow for those living with HIV …

Anonymous, Usa

Life in my shoes is… GRATEFUL

Anonymous, Usa

Life in my shoes is HAPPY…great friends, loving family and no more depression.

Anonymous, Usa


Anonymous, Usa

LOVE IS THE ANSWER…18 years HIV+, married and two children.

Anonymous, Usa

Looked down upon for being Pro-Choice

Anonymous, Usa

The moment I knew my brother was gay changed my life, I LOVE MY BROTHER

Anonymous, USA

In 2007 I believed that I wasn’t going to be successful in acting. I doubted myself so much Now I’m pro. Believe!

Kamahl, 16, East London

Being picked on because I looked different from the other kids. It made me realize our skin does not define us.

Ducarta, 28, London
LIMS copy

This was taken just after I was diagnosed with HIV, I looked fine from the outside but my whole world changed after that

Anonymous, 29, London

when I had to make my family understand that loving can never be wrong.

Francesca, 32, France
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Being a grandmother changed my life.

Anonymous, London
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The hardest part of my life is when I left hospital & I had to learn to walk again as if i was a baby.

One step at a time.

Anonymous, London
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When  I see others with family and I’m alone and far away from my family .

Anonymous, London
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when I was teenager life treated me so badly but I didn’t loose hope to what the future holds for me.

Julie, London
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When I came to England , I was lonely as I did not know anyone.

Anonymous, London
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When i disclosed my HIV to a prospective boyfriend who wasn’t HIV+…it made me learn to pluck up the courage to do it.

Anonymous, London

Life in my shoes in uncertain. A graduate who is still looking for work. I feel worthless and unable to help my family

Annon, 22, London

My life is good i guess, before i’ve thought of what it would be like to have a mother and it was hard, but i am strong

Marcus Mcgrath, 17, Ireland
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I felt different when I had my first born child.

Anonymous, London
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Life has been difficult as a lone parent and living with HIV. I’m grateful for the treatment and being in the UK.

Anonymous, London
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Coming to live in London, I found London life is fast and always in a rush.

Anonymous, London
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Sometimes I’m blue. Sometimes I’m fragile like a flower.

Anonymous, London

I suffered from a mental illness in my adolescence and I think about the years I lost all the time.

Anonymous, London

I was treated differently because I went to a Catholic school.It made me feel I wasn’t normal.

Anonymous, London

When I lived in Cameroon & Indonesia I was always stared at and called ‘the white’ and people assumed I was rich.

Anonymous, London

I was called a throwback.I am mixed race and never knew what it meant.When I found out I was really upset

Anonymous, London

I was really shy and quiet.It made me feel bad-but now I know it’s ok to be a little quiet.

Anonymous, London

I left home at 18.It was hard to explain that it was because of all the bad stuff that happened growing up

Anonymous, London

When I get embarassed I go red in the face and can’t hide it.

Anonymous, London

Realising I was gay at 14, feeling like I was the only one.This made me depressed and closed off to the world.

Anonymous, London

I felt different at school being treated as “you could be Italian”-I’m Indian.The effect this had was a dual-life…

Anonymous, London

When I was 8 my dad died of drug related accident. It felt like everyone else at school had a dad.

Anonymous, London

I really want to be an actress but it’s hard to get audition.

Megan, 18, Ireland

My dad had an affair with my mum and I was born as a result of their love

Anonymous, London

Feeling like I was the only person with a terminally ill father and being his carer.

Anonymous, London

My mother left my biological father before I was born…When I was 35 I finally contacted him…it was great!

Anonymous, London

I felt dumb during school because I never got as higher grades as my friends.. this now gives me the drive to succeed!

Charlotte, 23, London

It’s been hard but I’ve had help.

Anonymous, London

life in my shoes is pretty hectic. You have to be strong willed.I learnt by getting told about HIV at 10yrs old.

Anonymous, 14, London

Life in my shoes is crazy! I’ve learnt in life people get hurt it’s only natural.

Anonymous, London

I felt different when I was small.

Anonymous, London

I felt different from everyone when I was small.

Anonymous, London

I always felt different as I never had the latest things and felt like an outsider.

Anonymous, London

People would call me fat. It turned me into a gym addict.

Anonymous, London

I felt different when I first started university. I had no one to talk to and felt alone.

Jo, London

When my mum was diagnosed with HIV and when you hear people making jokes about HIV.

Anonymous, London

When I got braces

Tara, London

When me, my sister and lil brother where taken away from our mum, made me realise that nobody cared.

Anonymous, 14, London

we are all different. when i was younger i felt like i didnt fit in. i wish i didnt waste so much time worrying about it

Dawn, London

In primary school, I used to be called brace face.

Khamila, 15, London

When I told my friends I was bisexual and they looked at me weird for a moment.

Stacey, 15, London

When I had TB and had to stay in hospital for 6 months away from home and school.

Andrew, 15, London

My father got divorced by my mum at a very young age, because he always used to beat me up.

Rhys, 14, London

When I was a little mixed race girl living in Italy, going to a catholic school meant that alot of people stared at me

Anonymous, 15, London

Primary school being one of the tallest girls, treated differently.

Zipporah, 15, London

At Uni I felt like I was dummer than everyone else, but I spoke to other people and I think we all feel the same.

Theresa, 19, Luton

Life for me is about change – evolution. I ask tough questions of myself to increase life experience & improve myself

Steve, 39, Farnborough

When my parents divorced it had a massive impact me because i was very shy, withdrawn & insecure .

Claudia, London

Life is really hard in my shoes.

Martin, London

Life in my shoes is like a walk in the park…

Ashraf, London

When my uncle died

Michael, London

When i was growing up i always felt different cause i wasn’t with the other people .

Anonymous, London

i used to wear Velcro trainers and all my friends had red-book clarks, i felt like an outsider

Anonymous, London

When a member of the family died

Anonymous, London

when i was learning who my real friends were and starting school…

Ruth, London

yes there was . i was bullied at school because i was quiet and wore glasses.

Anonymous, London

we lived in a little village and when my parents divorced the little village felt smaller .

Anonymous, 26, London

when i was the only one who didn’t understand anything in class .

Aleena, 18, London

i lived in a very racist area & always made sure that we fight against racism and not become racist as well .

Anni, 24, South Africa

When i hit puberty

Caleb, 15, London

when i went to wales

Chris, London

When i was growing up i felt different because i wasn’t as good at sports as most of my friends i felt like an outsider

Greg, London

Having a Muslim and a protestant parents growing up in northern Ireland people refused to understand

Anonymous, London

Moving out of home once finishing school and learning to be independant .

Anneke, 22, London

I lost my grandfarther when i was younger it was very sudden made realise that life is very short.

Katie, 24, London

Yes i felt different for having an alchoholic mother

Astn, 23, London

When i moved to london from spain

Louise, 22, London

when i went to uni in my class the magoritty were upper-class. i felt diffrent out of place lonely .

Melanie, 21, London

I couldn’t spell. teachers parents friends didnt understand why .rnI got my wirs befuddledd. i was dyslexic .

Zoe, London

I was the only black child in my family all my siblings were white it was sad and lonely .

Anonymous, London

I was quiet shy and awkward in primary school so no really ever talked to me .

Rinah, 14, London

Moving to Brazil and being the awkward gil who lived far away and couldn’t go out with her friends . I felt left out

Roma, 20, London

I felt different when people found out I was gay & my family rejected me!

Anonymous, 23, London
Life In My Shoes. Pic 1

I once felt confused about my identity. Being around diverse friends and family, made me see a brighter path in life!

Chris, 22, London

I felt like killing my self but then I’m proud being H.I.V I meet people who understand me for who i am at camp

Melody, 15, Manchester
Life in my Shoes

Diagnosed HIV+ 21 years ago thought I was the only young woman infected, never thought I’d survive this long.

Emma, 42, London

Being diagnosed HIV+ at the same time my professional football career was kicking off, made me feel small and lost…

Mk, 23, London

My parents was always stops me for what i want to do, but i didn’t & now I’m a successful designer & they love me more

Jerwin, 32, China
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my scars from the past often make me feel different…

Sandra, 22, London

Losing my hair at the age of 8 made me feel like a freak! That nobody wanted to love me… I still do…

Chloe, 15, Swindon

I feel different because my dad and mum have other partners and kids and I feel I am not wanted.:(

Jessica, 16, Birmingham Uk

When i was 1st diagnose with HIV. I was 17 and being told alone . i thought i was different to others as i felt alone.

Maria, 20, London
IMG179 - Karen,Redrum

First day of the year, the first time I used it and took a great coat. Symbolic! ;P

Suzi, 25, São Paulo, Brasil

The difference is perhaps present all along.Whatever I encountered it made me more determined to overcome the odds…

Anonymous, London

Hi! i didnt bought warm shoes before, but my sister bought for me, and when i wearing this shoes…oh too much good!!!

Mira, 24, South.korea
Photo on 22-12-2011 at 17.43

Life has been difficult because I’m autistic, I’m not like everyone else and very quiet.

Nabil, 23, Kent

Death of a grandparent. Sad, weird, nothing I’d felt before … made me closer to my parents.

Kati, London

my parents wouldn’t let me hang out with friends much so I could focus on my studies. it was bad, but its cool now.

Anonymous, 21, Delhi

i always wanted to be free

Julio Rafael, 32, Rocha

I realised everyone is unique and ignorance can be avoided. I am an individual.

Jennifer, 16, Suffolk

When I was about 13…and realised I was gay. It was scary and lonely but gave me strength.

Anonymous, London

I was 10 and had a growth spurt. Everyone started calling me names…I felt awkward and would hunch to…fit in.

Su, 30, London

This is part of my personality

Gabriel Mendes, 22, Belo Horizonte

When we played at school “Trape-Trape Bisous” Boys had to catch a girl and make her a kiss. Nobody catched me..

Maria, 24, Marseille

when i got married and lost all my friends for my love .

Susan, 26, Panama City Beach Fl

Being the only foreigner in a hospital of 10,000 patients doing a health check in central China!

Anonymous, London

I felt different when I was the tallest girl in the class, by a long way!

Kathryn, London

Being the only child in my class who had a non-English name and was non-white! I wanted to be the same as everyone else

Nimisha, London

I was small, left-handed & gay. In my school, I thought I was a freak.

Nick, London

Growing up in the countryside of Australia, I was the only one with red hair and freckles!

Jessie, London

I felt different when I was 10 and I found out my little brother was ill. Now I know he’s just special

Jaina, 26, London

having to keep being adopted a secret at school incase people would judge me

Emma, London

I didn’t have the best of childhoods and didn’t feel valued until…someone asked me to join their youth group.

Anonymous, London

Teenage years. Crikey!! Realising I was gay. EEK!

Anonymous, London

when people teased me about how i spoke…

emily, 26, London

I was different for what I saw as positive reasons and relished it – but I chose that and could have changed it.

Anonymous, London

…a girl in my class abused me…I didn’t understand why…It made me stronger and learn more about myself

Anonymous, London
Emo Wallpaper

People always call me names because of what I wear, what I listen to, what I talk like. But I’m just being me

Cora, 13, Pontypridd

When I finally realised my worth!

Monique, 22, London
life in my shoes

You couldn’t last one days in my shoes……..

Jasmine, 17, Unknown

I feel different because I Think differently which makes people think i’m strange

Tazie, 14, Surrey

Being bullied because of my race, made me question myself I began to hate who I was.

Priscilla, 22, London
ekm shoe

i felt different when i lived in another country

Mily, 23, London

I felt lonely due to my insecurities but learnt that so does everyone else. so I learnt to love me

Theo, 18, Luton

When I started HIV medication and lost weight from my face.

Lily, 24, London

I felt different when I became a mother- having to be responsible totally for a new being- a baby.

Zoe, 27, London

I felt different when i was diagnosed with HIV because I’ve friends who aren’t aware of their status

Isabella, 22, London

When I lost someone I loved

Tom, 22, London

Yesterday when i realised there was life growing inside me … scary!

Katherine, 24, London

When I was told I was the first child from my school ever to go to University

Michael, 20, London

I never thought i was the same, my skin colour, my scar, how i spell my name. being me is terrific

Felicity, 22, London

Turning up to parents evening without my parents.

Martin, 18, London

Being two skin colours… black and white

Zoe, 17, London

When i realised i was gay

Alan, 19, London

Being a tee totaller at University!

Gareth, 22, London

Not wanting my friends to know my mother died when i was 4.

Lauren, 20, London

Always being classed as “just the nerdy girl” at school…(but I love that side of me!)

Sarah, 26, London

I felt different when my daughter was born- life would never be the same again!

Helen, 33, London

I felt different during the bombings and my family are Irish we had so much abuse

Michelle, 36, London

When I felt alone in a foreign country, with all my life far, far from me.

Shaina, 24, London

I feel different everyday trying to be true to myself is hard but the best

Chris, 17, London

Being positive makes you feel different from negative people.

Joy, 18, London

I feel different because I am not in my birth country, I do not look like others.

Peter, 19, London

When I was in Zimbabwe my accent made me feel different.

Anonymous, 22, London