Life in my Shoes Education Resource Shortlisted for Sex Education Award

January 14, 2014 Posted by bodyandsoul

We’re really excited to be shortlisted for the Pamela Sheridan Sex and Relationships Education Award 2014.  The award recognises good practice in Sex Relationships Education for young people under 25 so we’re thrilled that our work in this area has been shortlisted.

The Life in my Shoes resource  educates young people around HIV, dispelling myths and challenging stigma. More than that – the resources that we’ve built help to foster empathy and a greater understanding of how it feels to be different and to be victimised because you are different.

In the first year, over 1000 students have watched Undefeated and taken part in classroom activities around it.  In the last 3 months we have reached out to a further 500. The feedback has been great – we’ve been told that the film is direct, non-patronising and beautiful; that it covers issues such as sexual health, friendships, relationships and difference in an innovative, pragmatic and realistic manner.

We’ve also been training teachers in schools in order to educate and sensitize teachers and help them find the right language to talk about these issues. One of the teachers shared- “I was captivated from start to finish and it highlighted for me the issue of HIV among young people and it makes me feel empowered to raise the issue with them and I am excited about having such a tool to work with”.

Recent media coverage, including NATSAL and recent statements from the Sex Education Forum have repeatedly shown concern around the quality of SRE in schools. Whilst it’s good that this issue is being talked about more and more, the standard of delivery of SRE remains extremely variable. Providing a good standard of SRE is a vital ingredient in the health of a nation – we must do more.

We’ve already engaged and inspired the young people who have already heard the Life in my Shoes message. We looking forward to extending our reach further into schools in London and beyond – with the resource soon to be launched online, we feel like we’re getting a little bit further.

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