Nelson Mandela’s Legacy

December 6, 2013 Posted by bodyandsoul

Compassion. Integrity. Forgiveness. Heroism. Inspiration. Leadership. Courage. Freedom. Iconic. Determination. Triumph. Freedom.

These are big words. They are words that you rarely hear in the right context these days. They are susceptible to overuse and perhaps their impact becomes lessened – that is, until you hear them used about someone truly worthy of them. These words were the first dozen words that popped up in our twitter feed today when we searched for the thoughts of the world following Nelson Mandela’s death.

Everyone commenting on Mandela’s life and work agrees – rightly – that his messages and his life should be preserved in memory for future generations to learn from. But this learning, this leading by example needs to continue from now. It’s easy to feel reverence and speak out about the great changes sparked by this great man, but more difficult is to try to continue forward in his shoes.

Speaking out against stigma, challenging prejudices based on difference, standing up for what we believe in, even if it means standing alone – we must continue this legacy, lead by example and try, as Mandela succeeded in doing, to make this world a better place for future generation to live in.

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