October 1, 2013 Posted by bodyandsoul

This blog comes from B&S staff member Ethan – a keen runner – who has been thinking about patterns in life and thinking.

Yesterday I ran a new route. I forget how fun it is to explore a new area by running. For the last six months most of my runs have consisted of the same old patterns! Patterns can be useful when you run. Knowing the route a race will take means you can plan for hills as well as think about where you want to pass people (other sports plan in similar ways).

At the same time running the same route to work every day as I do, can also make you a little lazy, too often I just take it easy because I know the route and about how long it will take.

I guess I am only human. As humans it seems we look for patterns and create them to make life – well – better? I’m not sure that it always makes life better, sometimes it makes life easier for an individual, like my cooking routines where I often make similar meals each week making preparation and food buying simpler. In the same way though patterns can cause problems we do something because that is the way it has always been done, because it is easy, because  – we sometimes don’t even know.

I couldn’t say for certain but I would wager that behaviour patterns are part of what cause stigma. Stigma like the type that we hear about through Life in my Shoes every day.

It’s when we encounter things that are out of the ordinary, and that break up our patterns and routines that we feel fear, frustration, uncertainty, and anxiety. We need to learn how to control this anxiety, how to harness, accept and even welcome it in order to break down our negative patterns of thinking.


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