I’m optimistic because… it’s a wordle!

August 28, 2012 Posted by bodyandsoul
Here’s a wordle representation of our ‘I’m Optimistic because…’ activity from the IAC conference. Members of the public were asked to add to our wall of optimism and share their feelings with us.        See below for the less colourful, but just as meaningful, word version. I’M OPTIMISTIC BECAUSE…  I love humanity I […]
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Women…where do we stand?

August 23, 2012 Posted by bodyandsoul
The following blog post was written by a LIMS ambassador who attended the International AIDS Conference. As I walked the streets of Washington DC, I came across a poster that read;  “THE WAR ON AIDS CAN’T BE WON WITH WOMEN”.  Although I didn’t think much of statement at the time,  I then went to a  […]
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Why we went marching in Washington DC

August 15, 2012 Posted by bodyandsoul
  Whilst many important talks took place inside the convention centre during the International AIDS Conference in Washington DC, thousands of people also took to the streets outside to voice their views and take action. There were lots of events, exhibitions and marches, but one of the most powerful that we were a part of was the  WE CAN END AIDS […]
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1 year on from the riots and we are Undefeated.

August 8, 2012 Posted by bodyandsoul
    This time last year, at The Bridge Academy in Hackney, hundreds of young people from all across London joined together to create something unique.  Whilst the majority of Londoners focussed on riots taking place on our doorstep, we were witnessing a much more positive movement.   These young people had volunteered to give […]
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