Putting the Spotlight on Life in their Shoes!

November 14, 2011 Posted by admin

As you know, the ‘Life in My Shoes’ campaign is more than just a film it is a multi-platform campaign that aims to tackle stigma and prejudice experienced by those living with, and affected by, HIV.  As such, once the film had ‘wrapped’ and was safely in the editing suite our focus then moved to another layer of the campaign – the ‘Spotlight’ films!

The Spotlight's on them ...

These are 4 short films that focus on the real-life experiences of 4 amazing Body & Soul members.  The production of the films has been lead entirely by young people at Body & Soul, from initial preparation, audio, props, styling and even directing.  When I asked the Director why she felt we needed these short films, alongside the main film, her answer was clear.

“We need the Spotlight films so that we can provide young people with first-hand knowledge of what it is really like to live with the stigma and prejudice that comes with HIV everyday.  These films will bring a personal touch to the main film and be more manageable in length for teachers to use in classrooms or for young people to simply watch in their spare time”

The Spotlight shoot took place last Friday.  The day began very early (well done to those that made it in for 7am) and didn’t finish until almost 10pm.  However, it was soooo worth it…

The studio in Camden was bustling with our ‘stars’, behind-the-scenes team members and of course the lovely extras (not that I’m biased!).  As well as the individuals, the studio was swathed in yellow … from balloons to bandanas, braces to laces, sunflowers and a smattering of bright yellow lipstick – to name just a few.

As the shoot’s runner I have a new found respect for runners.  If anyone in the Camden area spotted a very tired (possibly slightly sweaty!) individual lugging yellow items around like a mad-woman, it is very likely to have been me.

Life in their shoes ...

On a more serious note, the shoot represented a great bunch of hardworking people, all passionate about eradicating the stigma and prejudice that so many people with HIV experience, coming together to make a difference.  A massive thank you must go out to our wonderful ‘stars’ as well as our Director, Stylist, Art Director and Music Designer.

If what I was lucky enough to see on Friday is anything to go by the final films are going to be incredible … watch this space LIMS supporters … watch this space!!

In the mean time we want to put the spotlight on your lives.  What’s been the highlight of your week so far, let us know…


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